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Latin readers with a modern twist


Our Latin language readers are designed with every student and every classroom in mind, whether the focus is on reading, active Latin or even traditional grammar and translation exercises

Utilizing the comics medium, our Latin readers engage students with compelling narrative and contextual imagery, while maintaining a high-quality second language learning experience that focuses on modern standards and comprehensibility.

Features at a Glance:


Text is written for Novice and Intermediate proficiency levels, with sheltered vocabulary supported by powerful contextual imagery and narrative logic.


Engaging narrative and characters rendered in visually-striking, full-color art bring all the wonder of the Classical world to life like never before.


Designed with modern standards and technology in mind, our readers adhere to ACTFL and ACL/SCS standards in both print and digital formats.

A Closer Look:

- Sheltered vocabulary:

A limited vocabulary list along with repeated use of words both within single issues and across multiple issues allows for effective acquisition.

- Contextualized illustrations:

Illustrations that help students negotiate meaning and provide memorable imagery that establish a path towards vocabulary acquisition and retention.

-Conversational Latin in a reading context:

Dialogue and frequent interjections humanize the text and help guide readers into Interpretive Reading through observation of Interpersonal Communication.

- Latin onomatopoeia:

Latin onomatopoeia helps to immerse the reader in an all-Latin experience and finally answers the question: "What does the cat say... in Latin?"

-Modern punctuation and macrons:

Modern punctuation, macrons and a all-caps font simulate ancient authenticity while supporting the modern reader.

-Visually-striking art:

Beautiful hand-drawn and colored artwork drives students and brings the ancient world to life.

-Story and humor:

Genuinely riveting storylines and hilarious dialogue keep students interested and longing for the next issue.

-Myths and histories retold:

All the excitement and wonder of classic myths and histories are retold in compelling ways for bored students.

-Culture and History:

The comics serve as a wonderful introduction to Roman culture and history as well as other cultures of the ancient world.

-Modern standards:

Adhere to ACTFL and ACL/SCS National Standards by focusing on the goal areas of language learning: 
Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

-Second Language Acquisition:

Facilitate language learning by integrating the principles of SLA and the Input Hypothesis model (Comprehensible Input).


Printed on high-quality paper for year-to-year endurance.

-Ready for modern technology:

Available in numerous digital formats for use on all manner of devices. Additionally an interactive comic and commentary is available for the iPad version.

COMING SOON: More materials and information for teachers!

Our Comics

Sequential Latin Studios is currently developing two Latin reader comic series, each designed for a different Latin language proficiency level. Every issue contains a commentary and a glossary, is full-color, and is available in print and digital formats.

English translations also available!

Written for Novice Mid+ reading proficiency, Secunda is a series designed explicitly for beginning level Latin students.

In this light-hearted series we follow a spunky Roman girl named Secunda, who uses her imagination to explore the history and myths of her world (2nd century C.E. Rome). Join her alter-ego on many harrowing adventures! Encounter infamous gods, goddesses and mythical beasts! Meet the Ancient Greek and Roman historical figures you know and love!

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Written for Intermediate Low+ reading proficiency, Cosmos Incendens is a series designed for intermediate level Latin students.

Join Lucius, an angst filled Roman youth, and a rich cast of characters, on an adventure of epic proportions that spans the ancient world. Enter the rich and diverse historical world of 2nd century Imperial Rome, alive with the divine beings, spirits and mythical creatures which the ancients saw all around them.


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What People Are Saying:

“We have needed something like this for years.”


“The illustrations are just gorgeous.”

“The composition and the style is brilliant.”

“This is ingenious.”

“Secunda is my homegirl!”

Free Previews

Check out free previews of our comics!

Secunda issue #1 Preview

Latin Version

English Version

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Secunda issue #2 Preview

Latin Version

English Version


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Cosmos Incendens issue #1 Preview



Latin Version

English Version

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More Latin Graphic Novels

Enjoy these great graphic novelizations of classical texts from our friend Magda van Tilburg of!

With English!


Dido & Aeneas


comics for education

Comics have the engaging qualities of narrative, the pleasing qualities of art, and the contextual qualities of image which keep learners minds imaginatively active while also being verbally engaged.

Will Eisner claims that comics "communicate in a 'language' that relies on a visual experience common to both reader and audience."* The images of a comic are purposefully crafted to appeal to a reader's experiences. Whether it is perspective used to give a coherent sense of space, or gesture used to give a relatable sense of emotion, comics use images to give visual cues for key elements of context, yet still depend upon the reader's cognitive skills to coalesce these cues into an imagined physical and emotional world (which readers tend to do automatically and without much effort). That is what happens in a single panel; add another panel and, between the two still images of each panel, the reader then populates this imagined physical and emotional world with motion, action, relationship, drama, and even time. Do this for pages and pages, and then an even broader tapestry of plot, cause and consequence is woven. This imaginative state is ripe for meaningful and enjoyable comprehension, and memorable moments tied to language which are then added to the learner's own set of experiences.

         *Will Eisner. Comics and Sequential Art: Principles and Practices of the World's most Popular Art Form. Tamarca, FL: Poorhouse Press, 2004.

Latin Education

There’s no replacing the Classical texts of beloved authors such as Virgil and Horace, Lucretius and Cicero, but if you are looking for quality Latin readings with a modern twist for the classroom or simply for practice, look no further! Carefully composed Classical Latin with images and engaging narrative make Sequential Latin’s comics a learning tool like no other. Cosmos Incendens is ideal for more advanced Latinists, while the Secunda series is perfect for beginners.

“I wish I had this when I started Latin.”

“This is so much better than our book.”

“This would be an excellent supplement to any Latin classroom.”

“This is where our old textbooks fall short. Sequential Latin, please hurry!”

Ancient & Classical History

While many of the main characters are fictitious, the Sequential Latin comics take place in a story-world that strives for authenticity. For those interested in Ancient Roman and Greek culture, as well as the many other ancient cultures throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and even Asia, both series offer studied glimpses into the beliefs, customs, and lives of ancient peoples from the 2nd century back to even prehistoric times!


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About Sequential Latin

Sequential Latin is a project dedicated to creating and providing effective and engaging material for learning and enjoying the Latin language and the Classics in both traditional and modern formats.

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It is the mission of Ionic Empire, LLC, to provide the highest quality materials for students and teachers of ancient languages and classical civilizations. 

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Our Friends

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The Tres Columnae Project is a joyful learning community where you can learn to read, write, understand, and speak Latin as we build a story-world together.

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Join Secunda, a young Roman girl, on a series of misadventures in the city of Ancient Rome and beyond in this lighthearted, hand drawn, inked and painted web comic. It is in simple Latin that can be enjoyed by beginner Latin students. An English version is available. This comic’s content is appropriate for all ages. Check out the “Commentary” for tons of fun historical, linguistic and cultural facts!

Multās Grātiās to Ann M. for editing
Story, Pencils, Inks: Phillip Ray
Colors: Dusty Ray